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 Rubber colorant

Rubber color agent is adopt of advanced process technology and is made of high quality organic pigments with parts inorganic pigments. It is suitable for natural and synthetic rubber products, such as rubber shoes, tyre, sports ball, cable, wire, jacket and gloves.

1. Full range of color, bright and colorful, can get any color by mixture of different paste,
2. Excellent dispersibility and can be compatible with lots of natural and synthetic rubbers.
3. Excellent resistance to migration and vulcanization.Slight color difference before and after vulcanization, no colors mutual pollution for final products.
4. Pigment content 50%, appearance is leaf form.

Adopt our product can improve rubber product quality, free of undesired color spots and streak with no dust during operation, friendly to user with exact weight measurement for providing better work environment. More and more rubber factory use rubber coloring agent instead of pigment powder.


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