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  Decorative paper waterborne printing ink introduction
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  Reactive Thickener
  Thickener For Pigment Printing

Specialized in research,development & manufacture, Hangzhou Kaili Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high quality pigment for paint,printing and dyeing; color paste for decorative paper; waterborne ink for printing; foaming color paste; Pigment Emulsion; Pigment Preparation; rubber coloring agent and color paint for wall advertisement. Our company is located on the beautiful bank of Qiantang River, which is a world-famous scenic spot of tide-watching with a superior location and convenient transportation.

Our company owns a group of senior engineers for the technology development with the advanced production equipments and testing instruments in the world.We continuously try our best to meet every customers' requirements. As grow of our company, we adopt high technology & science, introduce new raw materials to our products, which make our product--Kaibao Brand color paste a new level.

We always sticks to the principle of "Technique is power, market is direction,customer is life". In the new century, Kaili people will continue to offer the best quality products and first class service with the saying "work for the satisfaction of all customers".We hope we can establish long business relationship with more friends and make a remarkable success with our customers together.

Products: Pigment Emulsion, Pigment Preparation, Golden onion paste, Waterborne color paste, Foaming color paste, Rubber colorant etc.


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