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  Waterborne color paste
  Oil general color paste
  Pigment printing color paste Introduction
  Foaming color paste KF-800
  Elastic transparent paste KR-108
  Elastic transparent paste KW-108
  Decorative paper color paste
  Decorative paper waterborne printing ink introduction
  Rubber color agent introduction
  Wall ads color paint for introduction
  KBS color paste for paint
  KC serial oil-based color paste
  PU serial oil-based color paste
  Reactive Thickener
  Thickener For Pigment Printing
  Specialized in research,development & manufacture, Hangzhou Kaili Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high quality pigment for paint,printing and dyeing; color paste for decorative paper;staple:pigment preparation...    MORE...
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Our company always sticks to the principle"Tech is power,market is direction,customer is lite".pigment preparation is our main product
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